Jump! Gymnastics in Austin, TX



Welcome to Jump! Gymnastics! I grew up doing gymnastics, paid my way through college coaching gymnastics. After graduating from UT with majors in Kinesiology and Psychology, decided to open Jump! Gymnastics. I have coached every level from Preschool to National Team.  I have spent the last 15 years combining and deconstructing all the knowledge I gained to create a recreational gymnastics program where students learn fast, have fun, and build confidence.

Natalie Egan


Hi Jump! family! My name is Hannah and I am the HR and Financial Director. My passion for gymnastics started at a young age and continued into my teenage years while competing at a national level. I have years of experience in both coaching and the financial corporate industry, so I decided to combine that experience and found my way back into the gymnastics world helping to support our staff and students. 


HR & Financial Director

I have been working with children for the past 7 years and have enjoyed working as a teacher and as a curriculum planner.  I recently earned my Childcare Director’s Certificate.  I come from a family of wrestlers and began my own wrestling career at age 5.  I continued with it through high school and coached the  Jr. High School teams at my school.  Wrestling taught me goal setting and perseverance while instilling a deep passion for physical fitness.

Randy Egan

Maintenance Director

Hello all! I am the Operations Director and Childcare Director for Jump!. I have been a part of the Jump! Team since 2017. I grew up in Houston, Texas but have traveled as far as Boston! I have years of childcare/gymnastics experience and am currently working on my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Fun Fact: I love iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts!

Brittany Smith

Operations Director

Hello Jumpers! My name is coach Brad. I have been a coach with Jump! For four years and have been coaching for 8 years. I love being silly and helping kids learn new skills by making learning fun. I’m Jump!s Training Director so you can find me at both North and South gyms helping out wherever I can!



Hello! My name is Taylor and I am the Manager of the North Anderson Location. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Exercise Physiology and have coached many youth sports including cheerleading, soccer, and gymnastics. I try to balance fun and technique to make sure students are learning while also having a great time.

taylor orton

North Manager

Hi everyone! My name is David and I am the Operations Manager of Jump!’s South Location. I began my journey with Jump! at the North Gym back in 2017 where I was a coach for 4 years. I loved coaching and learning more about gymnastics through teaching. When I was given the opportunity to grow within Jump! as a manager for one of its locations, I took on the challenge and have been enjoying it just as much as coaching. Stop by our front office with any questions you may have and I will be happy to help! 

David Garcia

South Manager

Hey Everyone! My name is Emily and I’m the Manager at Jump! North, I’ve been a part of the Jump! family since 2017. I feel so lucky that I was given the opportunity to grow with Jump! I loved coaching the first 4 years of my career and I’m happy I get to pass on my coaching styles to the amazing coaches you see here today. I’ll be the smiling face you see in the front office and will be here to help with anything you need! Happy Jump!ing.

EMILY carter

Domain Manager

Hey friends! My name is Coach Derek and I coach at Jump! South. I have a bachelors in Social from UT Austin and past experience working with kids. When coaching, I try to find a good balance between fun and learning and I try to make each class different from the last.



Hi everyone! I am from Lubbock, Texas. I have done competitive gymnastics and cheer for 14 years. I am super excited to pass down the knowledge and love that my coaches passed to me. I am super excited to meet all of the kiddos and build a bond with them. I have a positive outlook on everything, so I will keep my classes as a positive environment for the kids to learn.



Hello! My name is Hailey, I am the Childcare Director and the lead teacher at Snapdragon Preschool. I have been working with kids for over 7 years now, and I have found it to be my passion in life. My students are my best friends and I love seeing them every single day! Helping them learn and seeing them grow makes my heart so full. Little do they know, they help me learn and grow along the way too :) I always feel so much love working here!



Hi there! My name is Ally and I am the Gymnastics Director. I graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2020 and found my passion for working with children. I was a gymnast from the age of 3-15 and continued with professional sports team dancing once I entered college.